Fragment (ii – nature)

She seemed to have a disposition born of great restraint. Her actions methodical, movements controlled. Maybe there had once been something wild in her, but it had been tamped down with age and the burden of wisdom.

I wonder what she’d be like angry — really, truly, angry?

(You should have thrown more tantrums as a child.)

Today’s fragment (i – work)

Perhaps the most frustrating part was that they seemed to produce good work without caring about it. They had the good fortune of being inoculated against it, of being able to separate the value of their work from their being.

“All I have is my work, my skills, my abilities”¬†(but what about your flesh and blood?)

Or maybe it’s that though they all produced the same quality of work, the amount one cared about it didn’t change anything. You can care more, but that’s just skin off your back…